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Welcome to the Total Mining Website

Mine Site Surface WorkTotal Mining has been in Business for over Eleven Years with 155,979 total man hours and a perfect Safety Record.

Our qualified staff consists of papered personnel including:

  • Computer Simulation
  • Electricians
  • Firebosses
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Mine Engineering
  • Mine Foremen
  • Welders

We have equipment operators for the following equipment:

  • Continuous Miners
  • Jackleg
  • Jumbo Drill
  • MRS Supports
  • Mucker’s
  • Roofbolters

Our full Electrical Department, Engineering Staff & Equipment Re-build Shop are ready to assist you with all your electrical, engineering and equipment needs.

We are very pleased to announce that Total Mining has a perfect Safety Record and has received Eleven Certificates of Achievement from the State of Wyoming for our Perfect Safety Record.

Our expert staff can help you meet & exceed your mining goals from the smallest to the largest of your mining projects.

Please contact us for more information at:

Total Mining

PO Box 1491 Price, Utah 84501
Office 435-472-2400
Fax: 435 472-2402

Don Giacoletto 435-820-2049
Bret Houskeeper 435-820-2307
Chet Houskeeper 435-299-2225
Project Manager:
Josh Hadden 307-212-2749
Lea Giacoletto 435-472-2400

Web Address:
We look forward to meeting you and speaking with you about how Total Mining can help your company meet its mining needs & goals for the future. Together we will be a great team!